Losant Workflow Lab

The Losant Workflow Lab is an interactive tool that provides a set of challenges to solve using Losant's Visual Workflow Engine. The Workflow Lab is intended to be used by both new and experienced users to grow their workflow development skills.

If you're new to the Workflow Lab, please review the overview before continuing.

Running Tests

Next to the name of each test and group of tests, you'll see a small run button (). While you're solving each test, it's recommended you use these to run just the specific test or test suite you're working on. If you think you've got everything solved and want to run the entire lab, you can do so with the button below.

Lab Results

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Math Run Test Suite

Each question in this test suite involves solving math questions using a variety of functionality within Losant's Workflow Engine. The Starter Workflow for this test suite is available on GitHub.

For each test in this group, the input data will be POSTed to the URL above. The specific test number will be added as a query param (e.g. https://triggers.losant.com/webhooks/your-webhook-id?q=add-two-numbers).


In case you have trouble completing an exercise in the Workflow Lab, solutions to each exercise are available on GitHub. If the exercise solutions do not address your concern, feel free to post a question in the University section of the Losant Forums. If your Actual Output for an exercise looks unfamiliar, be sure to check that you are using the correct Webhook and Exercise Workflow.