Experience Groups

An Experience Group is a collection of users and endpoints for controlling access to your application's Experience. Only users included in the group may access the endpoints within the group. This is useful for setting up administration routes within your Experience; for example, only a subset of your users may create other Experience Users or delete resources.

Viewing Experience Groups

Experience Groups

Groups are listed within the "Groups" tab of your application's "Experience" subsection. Click the group's name in the list to view its users and endpoints and to edit its configuration.

Adding an Experience Group

Add Group

From the Groups list page, click "Add Group" in the top right corner. This will take you to a page where the new group can be configured.

Group Configuration

Group Config

Group configuration takes four parameters:

  • Name is simply the name of the group; it is for display purposes only and in no way affects the group's functionality, nor is it ever exposed to your users. The field is required.
  • Description is a longer description of the group. Similar to the name, it is only for display purposes.
  • Users is an array of users to include in the group. Any user who is not in the group will not have access to the endpoints in the group.
  • Endpoints is an array of endpoints to include in the group. Only users in the group will have access to these endpoints.

Endpoint Access Control

Note that, if an endpoint is configured to allow All public users or Any authenticated user in its access control, that setting will override any group configuration applied to the endpoint. To apply group access to an endpoint, the endpoint's access control must first be set to Only users who are in the following groups....

Deleting Groups

A group can be deleted by clicking the "Delete" icon next to any group on the list page, or by clicking the "Delete" button in the footer of a group's edit page. Note that deleting a group does not delete the users or endpoints currently associated with that group.